The Kush Journals

Join cNation John and his occasional guests for a fun, personal, informative, and intimate look at the cannabis industry in Utah.


4/6/18 It’s High Times Friday! Join John, Julie, and Zen as they tackle the 11 most divisive issue among cannabis users and deliver timely, hilarious, and even informative information!

3/29/18 Join cNation John as he takes a high level look at the proposed Utah medical cannabis ballot initiative and what it means for consumers, businesses, and government agencies. After the podcast, please listen to the full version of Growers and Sellers. We call it cannabis funk!


3/27/18 Please listen to our new podcast music! Our good friends, Meander Cat, wrote this for us and named it Growers and Sellers! We’re speechless! A huge shout-out to Jasper, Lenore, Nik G., and Dave! Thank you all so much for this!


3/26/18 Join cNation John and his guests, Jules, and Zen as they talk about a cannabis event they attended that included a screening of the cannabis documentary, The Scientist: Are We Missing Something?, about the life of cannabis pioneer, Dr. Rafael Mechoulam.


3/20/18 Intro to Medical Cannabis in Utah. Join cNation John as he offers up a brief history of medical cannabis in Utah and looks ahead at some future podcast content.


3/19/18 Breaking News! Join cNation John, Jules, and Zen for an important announcement.


Join cNation John, Jules, and Zen as they take you through the paces describing the medical cannabis recommendation process, dispensaries in Las Vegas and Reno, out-of-state deliveries, and a 20-hour trek home from just eight hours away.