About Us

The cNation Channel, often shortened to just cNation, is a leading voice in cannabis activism around the United States. Our first project, The 50 Days of Cannabis, is an audio series highlighting the myriad cannabis laws in each of the 50 States (plus Washington, D.C.). Our goal is to help the cannabis nation–the cNation if you will–trudge through the real world ramifications of possessing, distributing, and cultivating cannabis, both medically and recreationally. We also want to help travelers as they cross various state lines in their many adventures. Our audio segments can be downloaded in preparation for your summer travels.

Our audio podcasts spend several minutes per state being a little snarky, sometimes getting fairly irreverent and laughing until we have to stop the taping, and in general having a good time as we navigate the absurdities–and to be fair the good points–that comprise our coast-to-coast cannabis laws.

Our larger goal is to produce a daily news shows touching on all things cannabis in our great nation, including trends, legislative developments, festivals and judged competitions, expos and conventions, food and drink, music and movies, and everything in between so long as it’s cannabis related.

We don’t encourage anyone to break any laws and don’t condone it, and no matter what we might say in our podcasts we’re respectful of state laws and seek positive changes for all the right reasons. We’re genuinely sympathetic to anyone who has or is facing a cannabis charge, and wish we could help all the good people around the country with their legal issues but in the end know we can’t.

Still, the entire cannabis nation is in our daily thoughts and we’re pulling for each and every one of you!

Be safe. Stay informed.

John, Zen, and Julie


The cNation Channel is a wholly owned cannabis social media project by South American Gold Corporation.